Why Brynwood Rentals? Because …

… your home is like no other.

It may be an apartment, duplex or a quaint Cape Cod – it is more than just a space, an address – it is your home. So whether it’s short-term or for years to come, we have the properties, experience and services that help you to feel at home.

… we live here too!

A Lewisburg family business since 1968, we’re proud to be part of this community. Russell and Marie Gardner, and son, Kevin Gardner began renting houses and apartments almost 50 years ago while owners and operators of a Lewisburg Market St. business. Kevin was one of the founding members of the Lewisburg Downtown Partnership, committed to ensuring the future of our thriving small business focused main street. Today, Kevin continues as the owner of Brynwood Rentals and now management of the company-owned properties is the sole focus of this Lewisburg business. Kevin continues to support the community by serving on numerous boards. His wife, Karen, and children Kyle and Kathryn, while students, have been active members of this community as well.

… our staff cares

…for your home like no others. Brynwood Rentals has a dedicated, full-time maintenance staff to meet your needs. Non-emergency maintenance issues such as a dripping faucet or a stove burner not working, can be reported online 24-7, using our brynwoodrentals.com website. In the event of an unforeseen emergency, maintenance can be quickly reached by a pager system. Maintenance calls are made by our trusted staff who know your property and strive to work with your schedule. For problems requiring special service, Brynwood Rentals has developed relationships with trade professionals who provide timely attention for our tenants. Having a full-time maintenance staff is one more way you’re at home with Brynwood Rentals – without stress and worry-free.

… experience matters.

Brynwood Rental’s roots and longevity in Lewisburg have provided unique relationship experiences such as renting to the children of former tenants! Forty –five plus years of doing business in the same town means you’ve learned a few things about caring for tenants and earning and sustaining trust.

Brynwood Rental’s tenants, receive a packet designed to jumpstart “settling in” to a new place. The packet contains important Brynwood Rentals contact info but utilities and services information as well. Questions about recycling? The answers are right in the packet. We want our tenants to start feeling at home as quickly as possible.

… you’re gonna like it here!

For whatever the reason: historic charm, vibrant downtown, job proximity, Bucknell, Lewisburg Area School District – maybe all of the above – you’re contemplating making Lewisburg your home. We’ve provided a number of useful links on this website to help you further investigate Lewisburg and its surrounding area.Our website is designed to help you locate and match our properties which best suit your needs. If you have further questions, you may submit an email request (Contact Us) or call the office: 570-524-2121 x 3.Are you ready to schedule a showing? First, complete the short application provided on this website. Please note that each non-related person over 18 years of age should complete an application. If you are interested in more than one property listing, only one application needs to be submitted.As a potential tenant, you will appreciate our policy which gives current residents 24 hours notice before showing a listing. If unable to visit Lewisburg in person, we hope that our photos and website descriptions will help you to get a feel for the property. Don’t hesitate to call or email if we may assist you with further questions in order to help you to make a confident decision because afterall, it’s your home!